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Welcome to the GFW web site. GFW is made up of all kinds of people that like to Raid, have fun, and play wow. We consider ourselves a raiding end game guild. We look for players that like to raid, understand their class and have what it takes to be successful. More about us :

is about Killing boss's and progressing as a team. Dedication to the guild and raiding is first priority. We realize that all successful teams also need a good bench to be ahead of the game.

Commitment to the raid - We look for people that show up to every raid, every night, and are prepared for the content. We expect if you can not make a raid you make a post in the forums that you will be missing. This thread is entitled "Leave of Absence" and is found under the Members Forum once you are granted access.

Knowing your class - Knowing how to play your class is huge, we don't want people who break CC, aren't willing to try something new, or are unable to learn from mistakes. We will not hold your hand. If you are having trouble with CC, Holding Aggro, Pulling aggro ect, ect make an adjustment or ASK SOMEONE for help. If you sit silent or are unwilling to try something new you will most likely find yourself sitting on progression nights. How to gear and spec it. This means being able to adapt to new situations and goes beyond just reading theorycrafting and knowing what the right gems are. It's something that we expect people to have put a lot of thought into so their character can be the best it can be.

Attitude - We want a positive attitude, there may be nights we spend 4 hours wiping on a new boss. General whining is not tolerated at all. If your main focus is loot or you can’t handle sitting out of raids sometimes, then this is not the right guild for you. Sometimes certain compositions will be better and you simply won’t get a spot. We expect you to play for the guild and its progress above all else. Generally have a friendly attitude towards your guild mates. The flipside of this is that you must be able to take a certain level of abuse and jokes from your peers. If you can't take a few jokes at your expense this might not be the place for you.

Progression raids and being sat - You may be sat on a progression raid for a number of reasons, if you are unable to perform your role, if the strat calls for a certain raid makeup and so on. We DO NOT expect that you go all EMO if you are sat and that you realize each boss will be on farm status at which time you will get in.

Earning a raiding spot - Getting a raiding spot depends on many things, you will need to earn yours. If you are someone with spotty attendance do not expect to be slotted over someone
who shows up nightly. Also, realize showing up is only half the battle, performing is the other half. If real life takes over and you start missing raids expect that we will recruit and look to fill your spot since we need to push on as a guild.

We do have a causal rank and if you are causal we do not expect any drama from you in any way shape or form. We will take you as causal as long as you are drama free.

Finally, You will get great gear playing in this guild just by default, it should not be your primary focus. We take the point of view that loot is a tool and not a reward.  If the only reason why you are applying is because you want epic loot, then don't bother applying. We want people who are focused on progression and killing new content. Loot whores will not be tolerated.

We post important information related to raiding and the guild here. It is your responsibility to know the Raid rules, LOOT system and Raiding requirements.  Please read all STICKY Topics and you wont be clueless.


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